Inustka The company strives to offer the rental of the apartment was consistent with the description of the apartment . In rare situations, we reserve the right to change the apartment booked for a suite of similar or higher standard and in a similar location for the same price. 

Conditions of check-in and stay

1. We will be expecting you at the office InUstka Street. Port Boulevard 8, at the appointed hour earlier. We will show and explain the functioning of all the equipment on the basis of the census. Then you are required to pay the remaining money for the entire period of stay (in cash) and collect the keys from the apartment.

2. Remarks about the cleanliness of the apartment and its equipment should be reported immediately after renting the apartment, within 3 hours of receiving the keys to the apartment. Upon notification we immediately proceed to eliminate them. No application shall be deemed acceptable about the conditions in the apartment, and hence, no rights to claims arising from this

3. Check-in starts at. 15.00, ends at. 11.00 the day of departure. The reservation is valid for 18.00.

4. Accommodation in our apartments is possible in the hours 15: 00-20: 00. If you would like accommodation after 20:00, please report that to the day before by calling (666 810 249). Arrivals outside the standard accommodation time are charged an extra 50 PLN.

5. Leaving the apartment should take place on the last day of stay 08: 00-11: 00 in the morning. For leaving the apartment is considered to give us the keys and making an inspection of the apartment. For every hour after the end of your stay (after 11:00) Guests will be charged a fee of 100 PLN


Terms of stay

1. In the apartment can stay no larger number of people than there was reported during booking.

2. The apartment can not be subletted to third parties or in any form given to them.

3. The apartment curfew hours 22.00- 06.00

4. It is not allowed to organize parties, events, listen to loud music, etc., Basically all forms of disruptive behaviour.

5. In the case of loss or destruction of the keys, the landlord will fee you for an extra pair of keys. Guests can not replace locks or keys by themselves.

6. If any faults arise in the apartment after notice, please inform us immediately. For defects arising out of your fault, we will charge an adequate monetary compensation.

7. Guests shall bear liability for any damage or destruction of the equipment and technical equipment of the apartment arising from his fault or the fault of people visiting him. Accordingly, the Lessor shall not be liable for any loss or damage to items brought by guests or other persons using the apartment. In particular, we will not be liable to the guests responsibility, referred to in art. 846-852 of the Polish Civil Code.

8. Guest are required for the proper use and security of the apartment. Each time you leave the apartment, please check whether it is accurately locked. Please turn off unnecessary lights and turn off running water.

9. In the apartment, do not use any instruments or devices powered by electricity or gas, which are not equipped in these rooms and which can create a fire hazard, eg. Gas burners, electric heaters, radiators. You are prohibited of using any explosives or flameable devices in the flat. In addition, you may not use a grill, both in the apartment and on the balcony.

10. Guests can not make any modifications or other changes in the apartment.

11. Guests may not, without the consent of the Lessor, keep animals in the apartment

12. Smoking in the apartment and the stairwell is not allowed, except for the balcony. In the case of smoking a charge of 400 PLN / 100 Euro will be fined.

13. Total ban on taking all kinds of things, equipment and devices belonging to the apartment.

14. Guests undertake the use of the apartment in such a way as not to violate the rights of other tenants privacy and tranquility.

15. Guests are obliged to take care and protect against damage or devastation of the building designed for common use, such as stairwells, corridors and other premises and the surroundings of the building.

16. Guests undertake to use the infrastructure of the housing estate in accordance with its intended purpose, in particular, to take care of greenery, the avoidance of sidewalks, streets, lawns.



We accept the following forms of payment: Transfer - Cash.



Please be advised that although the company makes every effort to continuously monitor and update the description of the equipment of the apartments / real estate as well as maintain their standard, we cannot be held responsible for changes that have we no direct influence on and / or control. Likewise, the company does not assume any responsibility for injuries, illness, loss or additional expenses or inconvenience caused by / or arising from the condition of the property / properties such as appearance, electrical installation, plumbing, weather conditions or the neglection of guests.

Additionally, the company assumes no responsibility for personal belongings, car and its contents during the stay.

Personal data protection

When making a reservation on our website Guests agree to the processing of personal data solely for the purpose of booking. The Client has the right to inspect their personal data and update them.